Kay Montgomery

E016 - Fall Festival

Kay Montgomery joined Plantastic Events episode on March 31, 2018. She talked about the famous Duluth Fall Festival and how they host around 100,000 people for their festival.

Kay Montgomery

Hot topics for episode 016:

  1. How and when Duluth Fall Festival started
  2. How they manage and train volunteers each year
  3. What are some of the creative fall themes
  4. What are some of the entertainments

Kay Montgomery is a former Chairperson for the Duluth Fall Festival since its inception. Kay has been with Duluth Fall Festival for over 38 years! The festival is one of the most successful festivals in the southeast with around 100,000 people that show up. The festival has also earned many awards for Duluth Fall Festival including the 2015 Best Large Festival in Southeast award by the Southeast Festivals and Events Association. She is also the owner of Parsons Gallery since 2000.

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Host: Nausheen Punjani.
Guest: Kay Montgomery.
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Podcast Transcript

Transcript by Nausheen Punjani

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