Yotin Srivanjarean

E013 - Events For A Cause

Yotin Srivanjarean joined Plantastic Events episode on March 10, 2018. He talked about how he hosts a number of events for fundraising or raising public awareness about a particular issue.

Yotin Srivanjarean

Hot topics for episode 013:

  1. Tips on raising money for a cause or current event
  2. How to train and manage volunteers for a large event
  3. Tips on hosting events for political awareness
  4. How to work with different communities with different languages

Yotin Srivanjarean is the Vice President at the Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS). CPACS is a private nonprofit based in Atlanta, GA. CPACS is the first, largest and oldest organization in the Southeast to focus on issues and concerns of Asian Americans, especially women, children and families with low incomes.

Produced by Stoogeapp.com.
Host: Nausheen Punjani.
Guest: Yotin Srivanjarean.
Music: Justin Mahar.
Support: Aly Hussaini from Stooge and Prototype Prime.

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Podcast Transcript

Transcript by Nausheen Punjani

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