Asif Lakhani

E002 - Event Marketing And Social Media

Asif Lakhani joined Plantastic Events podcast on January 6th, 2018. He’ll share how to market an event and how social media can help you.

Hot topics for episode 002:

  1. Top trending social media platforms
  2. How to utilize a social media checklist before any event (example checklist will be posted soon)
  3. How to create the perfect hashtag for an event
  4. Tips on promoting your event prior to the event
  5. Tips to stand out on social media platforms

Asif Lakhani is the Marketing Coordinator for Prototype Prime, a hardware and software tech startup incubator in Peachtree Corners, GA. He has written articles for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Cox Media Group, and other local and national publications.

Produced by
Host: Nausheen Punjani.
Guest: Asif Lakhani.
Music: Justin Mahar.
Support: Aly Hussaini from Stooge and Prototype Prime.

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