Community Tables - Evergreen Foyer - GalactiCon Denver 2023 - Eventeny

Community Tables - Evergreen Foyer

Hallway area in front of Main Events, next to Registration. This is for fan groups, author promotion, and non-profits.

Booths & Spaces

M1 - Costume-Con 42
Costume-Con 42
M10 - CosPositive
M12 - Fort Collins Comic Con
Fort Collins Comic Con
M13 - Avistrum Academy of Sorcery
Avistrum Academy of Sorcery
M2 - Daku Con
Daku Con
M3 - Northern Colorado Ghostbusters
Northern Colorado Ghostbusters
M4 - LANFest Colorado
LANFest Colorado
M7 - Colorado Anime Fest
M8 - Cap for Kids
Cap for Kids