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Kinetics Eureka Finish Line - Halvorsen Park Party

Booths & Spaces

B10 - Cam's Pizza
Cam's Pizza
B11 - Love MiniDonuts
Love MiniDonuts
B2 - Dominicks Tacos
Dominicks Tacos
B3 - Cheerful Shaved Ice
Cheerful Shaved Ice
B4 - Hooked Kettle Corn
B5 - La Colombiana
La Colombiana
B6 - The Oyster Lady
The Oyster Lady
B7 - South G Kitchen
South G Kitchen
B8 - Pupuseria San Miguel
Pupuseria San Miguel
B9 - Almonte’s Empanadas
Almonte’s Empanadas
T- 1 - Pineapple Express Food Truck
Pineapple Express Food Truck
T-2 - The Buttercream Broomstick
The Buttercream Broomstick
T-3 - Manzanilla kitchen
Manzanilla kitchen
T-4 - Los Giles Taqueria
Los Giles Taqueria
T-5 - A Taste of Bim
A Taste of Bim
T-6 - Cap's Food Shack
Cap's Food Shack