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Main Floor Plan

Free Play Florida houses 32,000 feet of electronic gaming history and interactivity! Hundreds of pinball machines, arcade games, computers, and consoles from the very beginning to today.


Pre-War Museum
Jeff Smith's incredible collection of Pinball and Mechanical machines dating back to the 1930's.
Unique Souvenirs brings a crowd favorite from the 1960's, the Mold A Matic machine that molds a plastic figurine right before your eyes!
Gold Mine Arcade
Step back in time to what arcades once were in your hometown mall with a recreation of the Gold Mine.
Aladdin's Castle
Another popular arcade in Florida's past, Aladdin's Castle
The Console Playable Museum
All of the gaming consoles you remember and many you don't presented in a fully playable and educational fashion.
The History of Computers
Computing through time, interactive exhibits of computers preserved by local collectors and enthusiasts.
Center Court
Every mall has a gathering area at it's center, you'll experience live performances and presentations on this stage.

Booths & Spaces