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Last updated: April 13th, 2021*
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Compare Eventeny to other event platforms.

Learn how Eventeny stacks up against other event platforms when it comes to pricing, artists, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, mapping, scheduling, registration, customer service, and more. (Spoiler: They got nothing on us.)

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What to consider when choosing an event platform

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Software fees $240/mo Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing $2,700/year Starting at $495/event $997/event $690 Varies App fees reset each year
Setup fees Free Contact for pricing Contact for pricing Contact for pricing $1,500 Free Free Free Free Free
Transaction fees 3% Contact for pricing Starting at 3.7% and $1.79 per ticket Contact for pricing Starting at $1.99/application Starting at $5/application Free $0 None Starting at $15/application
Event creation essentials
Unlimited events Extra fees Extra fees
In-person, hybrid and virtual events In-person only Virtual/hybrid add-on In-person only
Video and live streaming Add-on
Personalized event suite
Interactive scheduling Add-on
Customized event mapping Extra fees
Seating chart with tickets Extra-fees
Booth management
Booth assignment No tracking of occupied booth
Two-way messaging and group messaging
Team management
Artist, vendor, & exhibitor management
Unlimited artists, vendors, and exhibors Add-on Extra fees Extra fees
Unlimited applications Add-on Extra fees
Custom application types and questions Must contact support to add custom questions
Virtual marketplace
Jury process Extra fees
Application listing
Artist, vendor, and exhibitor sourcing Extra fees
Custom pricing and fee structure Must contact support to add custom pricing
Office notes & tracking
Custom business pages
Data and analytics Add-on
Volunteer management
Unlimited volunteers
Unlimited applications
Custom application types and questions
Custom shifts and departments
Office notes & tracking
Hours tracking
Data and analytics
Sponsor management
Unlimited sponsors Add-on
Unlimited sponsorship and deal management Add-on
Unlimited applications Add-on
Custom application types and questions
Brand positioning control
Deliverables manager
Office notes & tracking
Data and analytics Limited Limited
Attendee ticketing & registration
Unlimited attendees
Unlimited ticket types
Touchless ticketing
Attendee registration
Hardware rental options    Partners only
Donation and fundraising
Data and analytics
Event engagement
Event listing
Search engine optimization
Social promotion
Event marketing Extra fees
Mobile application engagement
Customer success manager
Onboarding support
Phone and email support
In-house development team
Data & security
Data export Extra fees Limited
Event data analytics Only for ticketing data
Document repository
Event surveys
API integrations
Data and network security

*Competitive data on this page was collected as of April 13th, 2021 and is subject to change or update. Eventeny does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page. All Eventeny services listed in the comparison chart are provided by Eventeny or by one of Eventeny's trusted partners.

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