Vendor Application

Artist/Crafter Exhibitor Application

Deadline: Mar 01, 2021 11:59 pm
Date: Mar 20, 2021 11:00 am - Mar 21, 2021 6:00 pm

About the event

The two-day event features great live music, artist & crafters, an eclectic menu of bacon infused culinary delights and a collection of over 60 bourbons and whiskeys for your tasting pleasure. The Fest also offers participants exclusive bacon and bourbon pairing seminars including exclusive Pappy Van Winkle tastings. South Florida’s foremost Bourbon experts share the... + More
Festival Management Group
Festival Management Group
Festival Management Group
Festival Management Group

About the application

Bottoms up & Bacon down! Join us this year as we expand the tastings and explore the best bourbons & bacon delights from around the world. The Village Council of Wellington and Buffalo Trace welcome you back for the 7th annual Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Fest. Held on the grounds surrounding the new Village of Wellington Community Center and amphitheater, the free event is scheduled... + More

Terms & Conditions

Please review the following rules and policies to assure your safety and enjoyment during the festival. 1. The application fee is deposited upon receipt and is non-refundable. Booth fees are due in full upon acceptance of invitation to show. 2. All REFUND are subject to a $75.00 processing fee. In addition to the $75.00 processing fee, cancellations received after Feb. 1st will result... + More


Non-Refundable Deposit $35 This is a non-refundable deposit/application fee.
Artist / Crafter Exhibitor Booth $375 NOTE: Booth Fee is $350.00 plus sales tax ($24.50) for total of $374.50 Booth Spaces are 10’ X 10’ and work must be contained within the assigned space. You may not infringe on another space physically or audibly. For double booth (10x20), you must select two booths.
10x10 Rental Pkg $300 Includes: Tent, Table, 2 Chairs & Sides

Questions on the application

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Additional information

  • Cell Phone
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  • If other, please specify:
  • Have you been in our show before?
  • Do you require a tent rental packages (10x10 Rental Packages consist of tent, 8 ft table, 2 chairs and sides. ($280.00 plus 7% Sales Tax))

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 4
  • Production photo, two items you sell and a booth display shot
Artist/Crafter Exhibitor Application
Artist/Crafter Exhibitor Application
2021 Wellington Bacon & Bourbon Fest