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When the Wheels Come Off When the Wheels Come Off

When the Wheels Come Off

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CAD 450


Acrylic painting on canvas with marker, bold with bright coloured shapes, and a touch of drama. It's a tease, tempting and kind of delicious!

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CAD 450.00

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Length/Depth: 30 in
Width: 2 in
Height: 24 in
Length/Depth: 36 in
Width: 4 in
Height: 30 in


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I am a psychotherapist by profession who has for years enjoyed a pursuit in the visual arts. In my youth I was a potter and loved to draw. Later, I have studied botanical watercolour painting and carbon dust drawing at U of T. Then I pursued a diploma in Fine Art at Toronto School of Art, developing a love for figurative and abstract work. Now, I like to explore intuitive mark making to create playful, dynamic and evocative images with bold colours and shapes. Art is a journey, often on an inward path with endless avenues to explore and I want to be along for the ride!.

Winnie Larsen Art

I am an intuitive visual artist working in mixed media, oils, and acrylics. The creative process is a journey of play, exploration, taking risks and listening to myself. In this journey, I never know where it will take me, but if trust myself and allow the process to unfold it can be magical. It allows me to play and find a space to meander by myself and then have the courage to connect with others when I share my journey.


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When the Wheels Come Off
When the Wheels Come Off
Winnie Larsen Art
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