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Tech Serenity 2.0 Tech Serenity 2.0

Tech Serenity 2.0

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Everyone who works in tech has days when nothing will work as intended (at least not for the client) and you just want to burn it all down. At times when you need to appeal to a higher power for strength, take a deep breath and read the Tech Serenity Prayer to yourself.

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Geek Calligraphy

Geek Calligraphy was officially founded in 2015, though Ariela and Terri began talking about the idea in 2010. Ariela and Terri are committed to providing high quality art, exceptional customer service, and halakhically sound ketubah texts to geeks across the spectrum in a respectful and inclusive manner.


Tech Serenity 2.0
Tech Serenity 2.0
Geek Calligraphy
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