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Service (custom-made) Service (custom-made)

Service (custom-made)

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This specific item is not for sale. If interested, you can contact the Ron to customize your own using the same size and general design. You would pick out your colors and then customize the design a bit. The process of co-creating your own unique piece will be documented along the way through videos, photos, and a write up. So what's the process of creating this unique string art?? The process: - First the designs are drafted in pencil on several 8x11 sheets (as many as it takes) until the final design is created. - CDX plywood is procured, prepped and stained. - The design is drawn out on a large sheet of paper which is then taped on top of the wood. - 1” nails (2-3 pounds) are nailed to the wood following the design. - The paper (design) is very carefully removed using a tweezer. The nails grab the paper into the wood making it harder to fully remove the paper. The closeness of the nails to each other presents an additional challenge. - Stringing begins. * Secret - I use a type of glue to hide and smooth out the tied ends. Square pieces (Torah and Service) took about 30 hours over 2.5-3 months Round piece (Acts of Loving Kindness) took about 40 hours over 3-3.5 months.

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Ron Karu

Ron Karu was born in Israel where he served in the IDF. He has been living in Los Angeles for the last 35 years, married and father to a wonderful son and daughter. Inspiration for the work The inspiration for the work came to me as I was watching a presentation of a computer generated art show based on geometrical shapes with the Star of David at its core. The artist, Endre Balogh, is a very talented violin player who’s music accompanied the presentation. Somehow I connected this presentation with string art and the rest is history. I have a vague memory of doing some basic string art as a young boy but have not done it since then.


Service (custom-made)
Service (custom-made)
Ron Karu
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