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Copy of Shifting Sands (For Jury Review) Copy of Shifting Sands (For Jury Review)

Copy of Shifting Sands (For Jury Review)

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Relationships are a common thread throughout my work. The literal relationship is unimportant - sisters, friends, family - however the proximity and juxtaposition of the three women engaged makes for a subtle yet powerful trio. There is freedom and joy in being together. The wind in their hair and the swimsuits are symbolic of what we all wish we could experience when we lose ourselves in the moment with friends. Arrives arrives ready to hand in a black, hardwood float frame.

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Length/Depth: 2 in
Width: 49 in
Height: 49 in
Length/Depth: 6 in
Width: 60 in
Height: 60 in


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Delivery and pickup restrictions may apply:
Art is 49 x 49 inches framed. This art will ship as "freight", not "parcel". $500 is minimum shipping cost "to the curb". If art must be delivered inside your home it may be up to $250 more. These are estimates. I will charge buyer my cost on shipping which hopefully (but not guaranteed) will be lower than above numbers. Depending on location and timing, I MAY be able to delivery the art to your home for much less. Also pickup can be arranged. Please contact me with questions BEFORE purchasing if you have concerns.

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No refund or returns allowed on this purchase.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Sharon for more information.

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Sharon Tesser LLC

My textile mosaics tell stories. As a master storyteller, my goal is to draw you into the experience of life’s small moments. Fabric, pattern, texture, and dye are my vocabulary. All my images are generated as original drawings from a well-loved sketchbook. Recycled and vintage fabrics are my palette. Every image I create is a glimpse into the small moments of our collective humanity. See all available art, wearables and accessories at


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Copy of Shifting Sands (For Jury Review)
Copy of Shifting Sands (For Jury Review)
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