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Walnut Crotch Figured Foyer/Sofa Table Walnut Crotch Figured Foyer/Sofa Table

Walnut Crotch Figured Foyer/Sofa Table

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This American Black Walnut and steel table is a great accent piece, placed in back of your Sofa , or in your Foyer. the Walnut Crotch Flame figure is spectacular any will be enjoyed for many years, the Natural beauty of Walnut is simply amazing. The Walnut Table is 44 Inches long x 30 Inches high and tapers on one end to 11/3/4 inches deep, with the other end being approx 18 1/2 inches wide. The Steel welded base is also natural brushed steel with a Clear Powder Coat finish, and the top is finished with a 2 part finish of Conversion Varnish for great water and scratch Resistance. All the Best Dennis. PS: Call me and we can talk about this table.

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Length/Depth: 44 in
Width: 18 in
Height: 30 in
Length/Depth: 48 in
Width: 23 in
Height: 37 in


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Ships by YRC Freight co. They are responsible for getting the crate off the back of Truck and you are responsible for getting into your home. The Driver will usually take the crate with him unless you would like to keep it for your storage needs. you can take the table out of crate with just a Phillips #2 screwdriver , just take the top off and one long side and take out table. All the Best Dennis

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Dennis Paul Peterson

Hello, I have been designing and making my furniture for over 30 years. I have built Furniture for the "Chief Executive Office of the White House in Washington DC, the World Bank, and the Smithsonian Institute. I Design and Build my Furniture, with Heart , Mind, and Soul, Its the "Design Soul" that brings everything together, without that the work is just another object. Does the piece you you are making Inspire? Does it Stir your Emotion.? Does it's Strength instill Confidence.? The Craftsmanship should be self evident, to Touch, to feel, to enjoy the texture and fineness of each work is the goal. These are Qualities I am looking for when I am designing and Making, And if they are present, then I have been successful in the making. I would love to make something for you. All the Best to each one of you, Dennis Paul Peterson


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Walnut Crotch Figured Foyer/Sofa Table
Walnut Crotch Figured Foyer/Sofa Table
Dennis Paul Peterson
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