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Ebonized & Cerused Oak Wobble Bowl Ebonized & Cerused Oak Wobble Bowl

Ebonized & Cerused Oak Wobble Bowl

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Wood: Oak Finish: Ebonizing Solution, Liming Wax and Clear Wax Remember Weeples? Weeples wobble but they dont' fall down. Wobble bowls are like weeples. The bottom is rounded and almost comes to a point so the bowl will wobble around but it won't dump it's contense and it won't turn over. If you'd like to see the wobble bowl in action check out #joewobblebowl on Instagram. This particular wobble bowl is make from oak I salvaged from the trash can of a cabinet shop that was closing. I ebonized the wood and rubbed white liming wax into the pores to create the black and white zebra effect. Wobble bowls are fun because people flinch when they touch the bowl and it moves. I'm not saying that I derive pleasure from seeing other people experience anxiety, but it is funny to see someone make a face when the bowl moves. Wobble bowls are great for a home office. They can hold those not-so-lovely looking office necessities that otherwise clutter your desk. With the shift to working from home I feel that minimalism and multi-function in home accessories is important . It helps prevent homelife from looking like worklife. Who wants an office looking office space in their home?

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Length/Depth: 5.5 in
Width: 5.5 in
Height: 4.5 in
Length/Depth: 10 in
Width: 10 in
Height: 8 in


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Joe Joe Beans Design

Welcome to Joe Joe Beans Design! I'm Joe and I founded this small, family run company in 2018. All of our products are sustainable, handmade and one of a kind. There are so many unwanted trees and assorted wood things that go unused, or even worse, abandoned to a landfill. Those are the things I salvage, process and turn on the lathe so they become something new and useful. Nothing here started out as lumber from the wood store. Like I said, I'm Joe. But to be clear Joe is really a Jo. So why Jo with an 'e'? That's the way Dad spells it. With an 'e'. Dad taught me to use power tools & make wooden things. Hence, the 'e' is all about my Dad. The man behind the scenes, kind of like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, ismy husband. Whenever the lumber is too heavy or the obstacle too great, somehow he makes it happen. He calls himself 'Labor' but he's really the lynch pin. And if you're wondering what's with the 'Beans,' it's my daughter. She anchors me and her name for me is Joe Joe Beans. By the grace of God here I am, the girl Joe, hanging out in the workshop making stuff.


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Ebonized & Cerused Oak Wobble Bowl
Ebonized & Cerused Oak Wobble Bowl
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