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push pins made from 9mm casings push pins made from 9mm casings

push pins made from 9mm casings

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You are looking at a set of 8 push pins I have made from fired brass casings. The casings will be from various manufacturers as can be seen from the pictures. The push pins are all black inside the casings and are sized to fit the casings. They will ship in a plastic bag sized to keep the pins safely pushed into a piece of foam packing materials. The pictures are representative of the push pins. They may not be the actual pins you get. Being that the casings have been fired, they may have enough residual powder leftovers to set off the detectors at an airport. They will also have nicks or scratches from having been fired.

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Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 5 in
Height: 3 in


Delivery restrictions may apply:
Will ship USPS first class.

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No refund or returns allowed on this purchase.
Exceptions may apply. Please message Rex for more information.

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Please note that I'm in Sioux Falls, SD and so any local pickup would need to be here. My family has been making crafts and selling them at craft shows for over 30 years. We have met lots of fantastic people during that time. This is the first time we've set up at a virtual event so I didn't know how to display my items. To that end, I placed several similar but different items under most of my listings. So if an item looks interesting, please take a closer look at the page for that item because you may find just what you want hiding in the variations.


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push pins made from 9mm casings
push pins made from 9mm casings
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