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one vendor, multiple booths

in Duluth, United States
Oct 10, 2022

How do I register five booths under the same email address? I have one umbrella company that wants five booth spaces at my event. Once I enter the email address, it kicks me out and pulls up the first submission under that email address.

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in Evanston, United States
Oct 11, 2022

Hi Stacey! I'm happy to help with this. Currently our system is set up to only allow one application per application type per email. If the vendors have multiple businesses, they would need to create an account unique to each business that they run, and then submit a vendor application for each business. If they only have one email, an easy way around this is to use their regular email, but add a +[word] to the end of their email before the @ sign. For instance, using my email as an example, I would use one account for and then for my restaurant business. The emails would all still route to my email address, but the system would recognize them as different email addresses. 🙂 This would be the same on your end, as well. If you wanted to register them on the admin side, you would need to either use different emails, or use the method described above.